Saturday, July 28, 2007

Small things.

I've been pottering about the garden, taking advantage of my camera's lovely macro facility. I know I keep banging on about Lomandra obliqua, but it just captivates me. Click on these images to see larger versions--they look much better big.

Viola hederacea

And what better way to celebrate my new job with the bryophytes than to take a photo of moss?

This moss is growing on the rocks above the pond. And speaking of the pond, take a look at what we got up to today! (If you've a burning desire to learn how to glue PVC sheeting to fibreglass--and let's be honest, who doesn't?--it's very much in your interests to read it.)

There are more photos of small things on my website.


Cryptandra said...

Beautiful blog, Margaret.

BTW, I'm leaving Melbourne in search of an acreage to plant out with natives later this year.


Margaret said...

Thanks, Steve!

I really like all the political/environmental stuff on your blog. I've been meaning to do something similar, but seem to find that every time I do something in the garden, I'm compelled to write about it here, and don't have the energy to get political--in this context, anyway. My uni course, though, covers much the same territory as your blog. Great stuff.

Good luck with the acreage. Sounds like bliss. Are you planning on restoring farmland?

Alex said...


Love your site, Margaret.

Found my way here from Steve's blog.

Margaret said...

G'day, Alex! Nice to meet you.

I have to tell you my ten year old daughter, standing next to me, is really impressed that you've played with Eskimo Joe (her "all-time favourite band").

Me, I think playing with Renee Geyer and Chris Wilson is pretty cool!

You've had quite a career change... not that I can talk. ;)