Thursday, July 26, 2007

Further Agapanthus Massacres

Oh, it's so satisfying to fill up the green waste wheelie bin with bloody agapanthus!

Today I planted on the escarpment on the high side of the front garden:

Prostanthera rotundifolia

Leptospermum "Cardwell"
Banksia oblongifolia
Grevillea longifolia

I'm beginning to itch for spring.


Gina E. said...

LOL Margaret!! I was pleased to throw a great heap of the stuff into our green bin last year, when we had our front and back yards landscaped! The previous owners must have planted it whenever they ran out of ideas to fill up the yard...Like you, I replaced it all with Aussie natives. Looking forward to seeing spring photos of your garden!

Margaret said...

Gina, when I was tinkering with the functions of this blog and started putting in tags, I tried googling "bloody agapanthus" to see if it'd bring up my site.

It was hilarious: lots of people have used the expression "bloody agapanthus"! In fact, I bet you'd get more hits for "bloody agapanthus" than for "lovely agapanthus". ;)

I'm so hanging out for spring. The little plants I've put in (mainly tubestock, to save money) are starting to wake up. And today my Leptospermum had its first flower.


And yes. I promise lots of photos!

Anonymous said...

Have just gotten rid of mine in sunny Melbourne. Hooray!

Margaret said...

Well done! I heard recently that it's a declared weed in Victoria. Is that so? In NSW, it's sold in nurseries, which is absurd.