Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Paul Ehrlich

Today was the inaugural Macquarie University Annual Evolution Lecture, given by Professor Paul Ehrlich, based on his latest book (co-authored by Anne Ehrlich), The Dominant Animal: Human Evolution and the Environment. It's an excellent innovation by the university, deliberately instigated to raise awareness of evolutionary theory and combat the force of darkness that is "intelligent design".

His excellent lecture--sobering yet entertaining--was recorded, so if a link becomes available I'll post it here.

He was introduced by former NSW Premier, Bob Carr.

Paul Ehrlich and Bob Carr
Paul Ehrlich (left) with Bob Carr.

From left to right: Professor Andy Beattie, Dr Anne Ehrlich,
Professor Dave Briscoe and Professor Ehrlich.

Andy Beattie is a professor in biology at Macquarie University, and director of the Commonwealth Key Centre for Biodiversity and Bioresources, and co-author with Paul Ehrlich of Wild Solutions: How Biodiversity Is Money in the Bank.

Dave Briscoe is Head of the Biology Department at Macquarie. He was my first biology lecturer in my BSc, and has been amazingly supportive and encouraging of my studies. Unfortunately, Dave is retiring this year. He's a natural and inspiring teacher--so sad to see him leave.

And heck, Obama is going to be US President. Here's hoping the change we've been hearing about really happens. The world needs it, desperately.

If the world could vote.... the US elections. I know many of us think we should be able to, given the international stakes.

If you can't vote because of the trivial fact that you're not American, vote here:

The results thus far are perhaps unsurprising...