Friday, April 24, 2009

Our frog pond, then and now.

Eighteen months ago, we put a pond into our garden. As I was working on it today, cleaning out algae and overgrown pond plants, I wondered what it would be like to compare then and now. It's quite a contrast!

September 2007

April 2009 -- It's a jungle out there.

Edited to add: This is the link to my old website, in which I follow the process of building the pond. Lots of trial and error!

We have a number of frogs living there, but only two species so far.

Crinia signifera
, the Common Froglet:

...and the ubiquitous Limnodynastes peronii, Striped Marsh Frog:

Frog images: Wikipedia

Perhaps not a wildly diverse range of species, but I'm just delighted to have them living here. And we have to compete with the creek behind our property, so we're lucky that they decided to move in!


Diane AZ said...

It is interesting to see your pond as it was in 2007 and now. Your friends' pool pond looks fascinating too. I've been thinking of putting a little pond in my yard.

Margaret said...

Hi Diane,

When we put the pond in, I kept a record of the process. It's on my hopelessly out-dated website, here: . It might help if you do make one yourself.

I imagine a pond in the desert would be very popular with the local wildlife!

Wolf said...

It is wonderful what has happened. A very nice place to relax and to look at frogs and plants. Australia has really a great climate.
A garden friend from Germany

Margaret said...

Hi Wolf,

Yes, it can be a wonderful climate. Apart from the droughts and bushfires and cyclones. :)

But my part of Australia is more temperate, and for that I am grateful!