Saturday, May 09, 2009

Autumn flowers

Now that the weather's cooling down, I'm so enjoying pottering about the garden. We've done quite a bit of weeding (mainly bracken) and most of the plants we've put in are doing well. There were a few casualties during the summer heat, but nothing heart-breaking. Here are some photos of recent blooms.

Epacris longiflora

This is Epacris longiflora, or Fuchsia Heath. It loves shady sandstone cliff faces in schlerophyll forest, and is found from NSW up through Queensland. The flower tubes in this specimen are around 15 millimetres long.

Thryptomene sp.

This delicate shrub is, I think, of the genus Thryptomene, probably from West Australia. It flowers mainly in spring, but there are scatterings of flowers year 'round. The tiny flowers are around 4 mm in diameter.

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