Friday, October 29, 2010


I am up to my earballs in uni work/study at the moment and have been deliberately ignoring this poor forsaken blog, but couldn't resist posting this.

In our backyard, this evening.

Swamp Wallaby, Wallabia bicolor, with joey. (Happily, they were eating weeds.)


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Margaret,
Lovely image.
Sentimentality rating - extreme!
I love the Swampies.

Margaret said...

Heh, thanks, Denis. Yep, cute alright. But what they do to my seedlings isn't!! ;)

Bill Rockenbeck said...

Awesome! We don't get many of those here in Seattle; deer seem to fill the same ecological seedling-eating niche. Looking forward to your eventual return to regular blogging.

Margaret said...

Thanks, Bill. We don't really get too many of them in the cities in Australia, either. It's really only people who live near sizable reserves who are blessed with these particular lawnmowers.

I have a bunch of blogs stored up in my head--looking forward to getting them onto the screen. :)