Wednesday, June 09, 2010

3 Quarks Daily... Semifinals! (And finals!)

I've made it to the next round! Thank you so much to those who voted for my blog entry.

You can see the rest of the semifinalists here. The finalists will be announced in a couple of days, and then Richard Dawkins will judge the first, second and third prizewinners. Fingers crossed!

Edit: 11 June. Well heck. I'm a finalist!!

There are nine of us, the six who were voted by the public from all 80 nominees, plus three wildcards chosen by the judges.

This means that Richard Dawkins is going to be reading my blog post. Is it totally gormless of me to say that's one of the most exciting things that's ever happened to me since I started studying science? It is? Okay, won't say it then. (Oh, hi Richard.)

Anyway, I'll calm down now and keep working on my Plant Ecophysiology research report on the effect of sugar-stimulated soil nitrogen depletion on plant growth and soil biota. And I promise, I won't blog on it. For your sake and mine.



Unknown said...

Well done, Margaret! MM for world leader!

Margaret said...

But Julian, I thought we'd decided that was your job!!

Bill Rockenbeck, Seattle, WA, USA said...

I found your blog via that list of nominees. You're now on my favorites list and I'm working my way through your old posts. Thanks!

Margaret said...

Thank you, Bill! I hope you enjoy it.

At the moment, I'm in the middle of exams/research assignments/ugh but I will be back to blogging soon.