Sunday, April 13, 2008

Earth Stars


These fungi, Earth Stars, are of the genus Geastrum. They popped up in our garden this week. It's a fine time of year for fungi at the moment. We've counted ten or so different species within a few square metres of our front door.

The star-like structure at the base of the fruiting body originally covered the ball, but then splits open. It's a type of puffball. The ball holds the spores, and when disturbed, puffs out a mist of spores through the central pore.

I've not been posting much--or at all!--lately, because I've been hugely busy with work, study and familish stuff. Uni is going really well. I'm just loving biology to pieces. I feel like I've come home.


Anonymous said...

We have the same type of fungi here in the states. The ones, that I've seen have been growing in sandy soils.

Anonymous said...

wow!!! what a wonderful creature this one is! completely new to me...although everything is new in this world of ypurs to me


Paul Steckler said...

Hi Maggie,

I may be moving back to Sydney soon. Will let you know.

Good to see you, Martien, and Maxine are enjoying yourselves.

-- steck

Unknown said...

At last, the perfect plant for my native lawn!

Unknown said...

At last, the perfect plant for my native lawn!