Friday, September 28, 2007

Climate Change and the Federal Election

GetUp!, the Australian grassroots lobbying group, has created an ad parodying the Howard Government's climate change policies and spin. In the space of a couple of days, nearly over $200,000 worth of donations have poured in to get this on air during this weekend's Big Boofy Blokes Kicking a Ball Around grand final.

It's so heartening to see so many people digging into their pockets. The environment is finally becoming a mainstream issue!

Here's the ad:


Anonymous said...

One can immediately relate to that. Greenpeace was demonstrating in Finland last week as the capital bus company demonstrated its new "greener" fuel with palm oil... That one is namely "greener" for 10 % of it. The rest 90 % impoverish forests and kill apes. It is such a jungle when you try to see what´s ecological and what´s not.

canberra boy said...

Margaret - hi - I came here via the link in your comments at Poll Bludger. I too am a Get Up supporter and contributed to the TV ads the weekend before last. I'm impressed with your gardening efforts! And I didn't know that Brush Turkeys lived in the Sydney area - I've only encountered them before on family holidays in Queensland.

I'll call in again. CB

conservatories prices said...

It's about time, the environment really needs protection right now. Especially with the effects being felt all over the world.