Saturday, August 11, 2007

I don't get it.

I don't get it, #1.

Why do so many TV celebrity gardeners say "folage" instead of "foliage"? I can understand someone who hasn't studied plants saying it, but these people are horticulturists! I must have missed the hort class, Bizarre Pronunciations 101.

I don't get it, #2.

Why do so many bloggers write "teh" instead of "the"? It's not a typo, obviously. It's far too prevalent and pointed.

Not much garden news, I'm afraid. I'm just getting over the 'flu. Every time I try to work in the garden, I'm exhausted within minutes and have to have a good lie down. Bah.


Gerry said...

It's leet-speak :) - search that page for "teh".

Alice said...

Hello Margaret. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment re the bird house. My husband, Richard, made it. We get quite a few parrots and other birds in our backyard. Unfortunately, we get Currawongs as well.

I think by your interests you would have a deal in common with my daughter Tanya ( She's a Marine Science Graduate working in Townsville.

I'd love to see some photos of your home surroundings. Perhaps there are some on your blog but I just haven't trawled down far enough, but I will do that now.

I see you enjoy Classical music. Any particular type?

Margaret said...

Well, forgive me, but I think that's just LAME. ;)

(Thanks, Gerry.)

Alice said...

I often type teh but that is an actual typo. I can't believe how often my fingers speak a language of their own when I'm typing and unless I proof it carefully, sometimes it gets sent as is.

I'm definitely not into the weird language that's being used these days - even my text messages are written in full. Okay, I know, I have more time than most.

Margaret said...

Hi Alice, nice to see you here!

I'll take a look at your daughter's site---thanks.

If you follow the links on the right to my website, you'll find lots of photos and details of our garden.

As for classical music, hmm, my favourite composers are Vivaldi, Schubert, Bach, Mozart, Britten, Purcell and Wagner. And all the rest! And you?