Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Melaleuca thymifolia and other matters.

Suddenly, my hort course is over for the year. Last week I had my last exam (Pests and Diseases. Identifying the Queensland Fruit Fly was a bit tricky, but I nailed it. Not literally. You can't nail Queensland Fruit Flies. Too small. In fact a number of them could dance on the head of a nail, if the mood took them and they were Jesuits.)

And today, I dropped in to college to clean up my cucumber patch and retrieve my stakes and trellis. It now looks very forlorn, but next year, it'll be tended lovingly by another student. I said bye to my favourite teachers (are you reading, Mark, Ian and John?) who are immersed in marking. Poor sods. I'll be missing the first month of my course next year, because of the internship. Things will be frenetic when I return.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I'd visited the Botanic Gardens and bought a few tubestock plants, including a Melaleuca thymifolia. It's now in flower, despite its youth, and the inflorescences are extraordinarily delicate. Most of this species seem to have pink flowers, but mine is a white variety. . . .

Once this plant is grown up I suspect it'll be a stunner.

Happy Planting!




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