Friday, November 03, 2006


Tonight, we ate the first squash from my vegie patch.

Aren't they pretty? They certainly tasted good.

Not a great photo, but doing a macro shot at night isn't easy.

Yesterday, part of my lunch was snowpeas from my patch. So crisp, sweet and perfect!

I love growing my own stuff to eat. My ideal garden would have four raised vegie beds (four for efficient crop rotation) of 1x3 metres. Should keep us fed. Well, along with the chooks and the goats and the orchard. I'll barter fruit and vegies for the odd bit of meat.


Maxine Montale said...

Damn! You have the RL I want! To be able to grow you own food from your land, of an earth that is Divine - to be able to nourish your Soul from the fruit of the earth that you sowed and reaped. That is a beautiful RL!

You are so Blessed.

I had a garden of all sort of herbs and veggies and that is what I miss most. Now that I live in a LOFT space downtown I have to carefully babysit the Basil, Thai pepppers, Chives, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, Lemongrass and those finiky Ficas!

It is not the same as a garden in ground but I cannot be without these pieces of earth. I cannot. Someday I will have a garden again .. someday.

Your squash looks scrumptious! I can almost taste it!

Margaret said...

Maxine--you're young. Do a horticulture course! Then even if you don't have ground of your own to dig, you'll still get the pleasure, and you'll learn the skills.

Unknown said...

What sort of squash are those? My wife is always on the lookout for tasty new sorts of squash.