Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Assassin's cousin

Another bug, spotted today at TAFE on a corn leaf. Not as pretty as the assassin bug, but it looks seriously mean. As I got in close and personal to take photos, it looked like it wanted to take a piece of me.

(I've edited this post because I'd wrongly identified this as another Assassin Bug. Insect Mark saw the photo and put me right: it's actually a Crusader Bug, family Coreidae.)

Assassins and crusaders! The bug world is nothing if not full of drama.


Denis Wilson said...

Nice blog site, Margaret.

I like insect photos too. I especially like finding flower spiders hiding inside native flowers, like tiny Ground Orchids.
I hope to post some soon, on a photosharing website (Bubbleshare) soon. Come back again, and have another look in about a week or so.

I have a lot of Peony photos to display first. The photos will be on a separate site, but there will be a link on my blog.


Unknown said...

Much as I love Northern California's flora, I am more and more jealous of Oz's splendor! Our poppies' orange will seem a little less brilliant when next I see them bloom.

Though I have gorgeous oaks, willows, and cherry trees all around my apartment complex, one tree right across my patio in fact, so I'll live. :)

Incidentally, I cannot say how much I love both the look and the idea of an assassin bug.

Unknown said...

A Crusader Bug, eh? Well, I suppose that's all right, as long as there's a Saladin Bug to show it what's what!