Sunday, October 29, 2006

Watch and be boggled.

Following on from my mate Ibn's comments about Australian wildflowers, I heartily recommend these images from Georgie Sharp at Flickr. Click on the slide-show and prepare to be gobsmacked.

I had a wonderfully horticultural weekend. On Saturday, my TAFE friend Julia introduced me to her friend Jill and Jill's remarkable garden near Yarramalong on the NSW Central Coast. I'll post some of the photos I took soon. I collected some Leptospermum petersonii capsules, now in a paper bag on the dashboard of my car so they'll open in the heat. And today, my daughter Maxine was rehearsing at the Sydney Opera House for a combined schools choir concert, so I busied myself by wandering about the Royal Botanical Gardens, where there just happened to be a tubestock sale. Oh my. I bought a few wee ones:

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Maxine Montale said...

**Dear Margaret, thank you for leaving such a profound comment on my blog. In case you never visit again here is my reply.
Margaret! That was a fabulous response to this blog entry! WOW. And you are right. My brain had not yet ventured there .. "If the smart, the creative, the innovative and the technically wise expend their talents in the metaverse, what happens to the rest of the world? What happens to the environment? What happens to the poor? Something like a third of the world has never even used a telephone.... ". Thank you for posing that question. Ouch. My mind is in for more yoga and this pose is a new one to me. I do not have a response to your question now. I WILL think about it and hopefully come up with an open and compassionate answer that is part intellect and part 'of Soul'.**

I have spent some time on your blog as well and today, you gave me my first 'HEART SMILE' of the day. For that I thank you. You should read the other comment that someone else posted. It supports your response. I too support your response. I want to think on your question and see how my heart/mind/brain comes up with a reply. Hope you have a beautiful day. I too love gardening, it is so good for the Soul! Cheers!