Friday, October 27, 2006

Stylidium productum

This clever little flower (only around 7mm in length) is from a trigger plant, Stylidium productum, local to the Sydney region.

The column extending from the centre of the flower to the right is a fusion of two stamens with the style. When an insect lands on the flower, the column is triggered and flicks across the insect. It can be reset a number of times.


Unknown said...

Australian flora is like a wondrous alien landscape. So does the flower eat the insect or just knock it aside?

(Oh, and hi! *waves*)

Margaret said...

Hi Ibn! *waving back* :)

It knocks the insect aside, but only after the pollen has been transferred onto and from its back. That's the plan, anyway.

Isn't that Mr Darwin cunning?

You're right about Australian flora. But if the stuff in my part of Australia is cool, Western Australian wildflowers are even more remarkable, so much so it's a major part of their tourism.

I still haven't been there, but am aching to go.