Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another frog species spotted in our garden....

Last night, we encountered this gorgeous creature on the other side of our sun-room window. It's Litoria phyllochroa, Leaf Green Tree Frog, family Hylidae. Not an uncommon species in this part of Sydney.

That brings to five the number of frog species we've identified in our garden, listed in our garden census. The wet weather we've been having is such a joy!


Ingrid Cattley said...

Gorgeous little guy!

Margaret said...

Agreed, Ingrid! I fell instantly in love. :)

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Margaret
Lovely to have one of those guys visit your window.

Margaret said...

Sure is, Denis. I always feel that if you've got frogs in your garden, it must be a healthy ecosystem.

Xtine said...

marvelous margaret! we don't have them down here, but lots of bleating frogs, Litoria dentata ... nice to find your blog :) If you would like to see out Dusky Moorhens check out my blog,

Margaret said...

Aw, bleating frogs! How gorgeous, Chris.

The dusky hens are beautiful. Your dam must be amazing by now. The plant life looks good!

Shall subscribe to your blog. :)



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