Monday, November 15, 2010

Déjà Vu....

Three years ago, an Angophora costata landed on our roof during heavy rain. It's happened again, but this time it's a Corymbia gummifera. Once again, I'm waiting for the State Emergency Service to arrive with a tarpaulin. Lesson: don't grow large trees on rock platforms. :/

Heavy rain brings down trees that are poorly rooted. And it brings leeches. This afternoon, I was sitting at my desk writing a paper on symbiosis, mutualism and parasitism, and what should I see on my desk? This little creature, reading all about itself. But no pseudoreciprocity for it.

UPDATE: No damage to the roof tiles, I'm happy to report! The verandah awning took most of the brunt, but there is no visible buckling. Huzzah!


Denis Wilson said...

You were lucky with the tree, Margaret.
Leech seems strangely familiar. :-)

Margaret said...

Sure were, Denis! Major relief. :)