Friday, December 18, 2009


The warm weather is really bringing out the insects! I took this photo of a male mantid a couple of nights ago.


The mantid was on the ceiling (hmm, needs cleaning) when I shot this while precariously standing on a chair. (The image has been inverted.) Mantids are from the Order Mantodea, and are excellent predators of other invertebrates.

This photo is of a female, shot through a window (hmm, also needs cleaning). It's eating a beetle. 


Here's another female, resident of Macquarie University Biology Department:


My daughter has a growing interest in insects, and is planning to keep a mantid as a pet. So expect many more photos of these gorgeous creatures!

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Hels said...

Look how stream-lined and well designed the top mantid is. Everything is perfectly proportioned for the job at hand :)

Have a great holiday and New Year,