Sunday, January 11, 2009

Become a "Follower" of my blog!

Sounds a little disciple-like, doesn't it? Mind you, "fan" isn't much better.

Anyway, you'll see on the top left of this page a little widget that allows blog readers to indicate (either anonymously or using their online name) they're following the blog. The idea is that by showing that this is a screamingly popular site (not that it is, but I do have plans to rule the world), I can get scads more readers, which would be jolly. It also allows you to be notified of updates to any Blogspot blog you're following.

So please, if you like this blog, click on the widget and let the cosmos know! (I am sure it will be fascinated.)



1 comment:

Christie Lynn said...

Well, being my follower just got you tagged in a game of tag!. It's actually fun. Check it out. :)